katalog NailHarmony


gel sculptured step by step 1
  1. Sanitize your hands and your clientĂ˘â‚â„˘s hands.
  2. Remove Polish with Hand & Nail Harmony Polish Remover.
  3. Gently prepare cuticle area by pushing back cuticle and removing any cuticle from the nail plate.
  4. Prepare the Natural Nail by gently removing shine using a 180 grit file, then remove the dust.
  5. Sparingly apply PH Bond to the nail plate and allow to dry. (Photo 1)
  6. Apply a thin coat of FOUNDATION gel aggressively into the nail plate, then lightly stroke over the top. Cure the FOUNDATION gel for 10 seconds in LED Light or 1 minute in UV Light.
  7. Apply Forms
    • Roll form between fingers to prepare for proper fit to the clients nail. (Photo 2)
    • Secure form and pinch tab at the tip for proper c-curve. (Photo 3)
  8. Using REVEAL Clear Builder Gel pick up a medium size ball and roll off onto form touching the natural nail. Using a dragging motion pull the product over the nail and free edge. For length and shape use a massaging motion to evenly distribute the product. Cure for 10 Seconds in LED or UV Light. (Photo 4)
  9. Gently Pinch C-Curve in the nail (Photo 5) Cure for 10 Seconds in LED or 30 Seconds UV Light.
  10. Secure C-Curve, using Wipe with Gel Cleanse, Pinch Curve in the nail (Photo 6)
  11. File and shape the foundation of the nails.
  12. Using a HARMONY PRO 5 Gel Brush apply a thin layer of Pink Builder Gel in the nail bed area. Massage into the cuticle area and begin to shape the smile. Once gel is in place draw a reverse smile line. (Photo 7) Cure for 10 Seconds in LED or UV Light.
  13. Apply a medium ball of White Builder Gel using the HARMONY PRO 5 Gel Brush by placing the clean side of the brush onto the clear extension next to the natural nail and roll the gel off of brush while pulling towards the free edge. (Photo 7) Wipe your Gel Brush clean and refine the smile line by starting in the center of the smile line and pull up toward the cuticle (Photo 8). Cure 10 seconds in LED or UV Lights.
  14. Apply a thin layer of Clear Gel, like polish, to entire nail surface from cuticle to free edge. (Photo 9)
  15. String Clear Gel where White & Pink gel meet and to create arch location. (Photo 10)
  16. Cure 30 Seconds in LED Light or 2 Minutes in UV Light.
  17. Cleanse nails- Gently pat surface of nail with an Lint Free Wipe lightly saturated with Harmony Cleanser and gently wipe to remove sticky residue from the nail. (NOTE: Use a new wipe for each hand. A wipe with excess gel on it can cause dulling)
  18. Finish file the nails. DO NOT use a finish file any softer than a 180 grit file for cuticle and contour filing.


  1. Apply GELISH Top It Off from cuticle to free edge on four finger and cure for 30 seconds in LED Light. Repeat on other hand and do thumbs separately.
  2. Cleanse nails.


  1. Apply No Cleanse Sealer from cuticle to free edge on four fingers and cure for 2 minutes in UV Light. Repeat on other hand and do thumbs separately.
gel sculptured step by step 2